3 Keys To Doubling Your Sales
This recording demonstrates what the IMPACT Sales System is all about.  I share how you can successfully increase your revenue, help more people and have a blast doing it by following a process to get more prospects in front of you, have better conversations which close deals and use stories to eliminate any objections.   It is very important that you watch this BEFORE we speak.  Download the Workbook then press the play button below and watch the replay now!
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Tom Jackobs
Tom Jackobs
Host & All Round Cool Guy

He's sold millions and wants to teach you the exact framework and system he used to accomplish that goal.

Download your Workbook, grab a pen and take tons of notes!
How would you like to build your business by consistently closing more deals AND/OR train your staff to be as good or better than you at sales?

I'm talking about being unique and different from your competitors, standing out and standing above the rest.

Press PLAY on the recording above and I'll share the IMPACT Sales System framework I've created that allowed me to sell millions of dollars of services all around the world AND loved every minute of it!

Of course, it wasn't always like that ... I used to HATE TO SELL!  (yes I know, kinda crazy!)

When I first started my fitness business in 2008 (the middle of the recession) I wasn't selling, I was taking orders.  Then in 2013 when I started selling business coaching at small workshops I wasn't closing anyone.  It was very frustrating and embarrassing.

I learned quickly THIS IS A PROCESS.  Which can be learned... 

I hired a mentor for what seemed like a ton of money.   

I took her advice and changed my sales processes and my follow up process.

She gave me the confidence to follow a script and a process to make a sale.   Not only that but I was able to train my staff to follow the same process with GREATER SUCCESS than me!

And the very next day I sales conversation I had my largest sale ever 10 times what I normally sold.

In the video above I'll take you through that framework and what you need to do to create your sales process to get more prospects in front of you, have better sales conversations, and use stories to eliminate any objections which may come up.

Click PLAY on the video above and discover how you can become even better at selling by using this new framework...  Then book a time for us to talk about your unique situation.

I've included a BONUS 30 Minute Call with me to discuss your situation and give you actionable advice on what you need to do to close more  deals.
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