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FitPreneurs Presents A FREE Online Webinar Training Called
3 Steps To Doubling Your Sales
3 Steps To Doubling Your Sales
Learn what all successful businesses are doing now to ensure they Are closing sales consistently with the very best clients who value what you have to offer.
THURSDAY, September 6 @ 5p CST, 6p EST, 5p PST, 10p GMT
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3 Steps To Doubling Your Sales
(don't miss the blooper reel at the end of the video)
Prospects Desire A real Authentic Connection With You And your Business...
Provide A Personal Connection and You'll Make More Money...period.
Attention Small Business Owners who want to increase sales in your business;

You're about to discover the secrets of how to double your sales without the pain of selling the same way, getting more leads and getting mediocre results.

Many business owners love to sell, but find it difficult to get leads on the phone to have those sales conversations, or try different sales "techniques" which consumers are wary of or even having the time to train staff on how to sell for them.  All of that keeps them from having an AMAZING BUSINESS and the FREEDOM they desire.

Consumers are super busy as well as the business owner and it's getting harder to get them on the phone to sell your services... and when you do get them on the phone they may not feel a personal connection with you because of the sales techniques you use.

When asked to overhaul their sales process, my clients typically say:
         * But Tom, I don't have time to reach out to clients that many times
         * But Tom, It takes a lot of time to train my staff
         * But Tom, I don't know what stories to tell which will sell
         * But Tom, I'm embarrassed to tell that story.

All relevant comments ...  BUT how many times have you called a business to buy something and they never return your call?   Of if they do, they just tell you all about the features of their services ... and it sounds exactly the same as their competitor? 

So how would they differentiate themselves.

First you need to be persistent and consistent with your follow up of leads.   No other company is doing this and you'll stand out from the crowd.  Chances are, you'll get your lead on the phone after 7 touches on average!

Second, most businesses love to tell about the features of their product/service even if the prospect doesn't care about it.  By asking the right questions in the right order you can get the prospect to create the desire for your product in their own head.

This way they ASK YOU to buy your product!

Third, by using dramatic and impactful stories you create a personal connection with your prospect which transcends price every time.  This way you are no longer a commodity.

     * What if you converted more leads to sales conversations
     * What if you had prospects asking you to buy  
     * What if prospects accepted your fair price  
     * What if you were no longer compared to low cost solutions
     * What if you made MORE MONEY without spending a ton more on marketing? 

How amazing would that feel?

Hi, my name is Tom Jackobs and I'd like to invite you to attend a very special training event titled:
"3 Steps To Doubling Your Sales"
I'll show you:

* How to get more leads on the phone

* The top mistakes all business owners make when contacting leads

* How to develop the right questions to ask to get the prospect to beg you for your product/service

* Specific way to tell a dramatic story to make a better connection with your prospect

So if you're serious about wanting to make more money in your business without selling the same way and getting mediocre results, register now for this special training event that will show you exactly how to double your sales.
WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for... even though they are free.

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot now!

Jennifer Devine

"Working with Tom was a breeze, he was able to redesign my sales process, implement technology which made tracking easy and delivered all of the scripts and worksheets electronically as well as in a cool binder. Now training my staff on sales will be super easy... plus he is even going to do the training for me!” 

 Jennifer Devine, CPA
Devine Consulting

Rick Streb

“I worked with Tom to create a selling from the stage presentation for a conference where I was speaking. Over the course of several sessions via video calls he helped me craft my presentation structure, worked with me on stage presence and most importantly HOW I spoke to my audience. 

 Needless to say it was a great success. I had 20 potential buyers in the audience and walked away with $25,000 in new business. Not bad for an hour on the stage. Tom made the process very clear and easy. I’ve presented at tons of conference, but never to sell from the stage, it is a much different process and I’d highly suggest working with Tom if you want to make your next presentation sell!”

Rick Streb
Nutrition Profit Systems

Thursday, Aug 2
12Noon CST, 1p EST, 10p PST, 6p GMT

Tom Jackobs

Ran a successful fitness studio in Houston, TX until he sold it n 2017.  He now focuses on helping entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs achieve their dream of having a successful business through his ALWAYS BE SELLING...YOURSELF programs and his other programs like Fitness Finance Academy and his events.
In This Training You Will ...
  • Discover the top mistakes story tellers make which kill any sales
  • How to perform your story in a way to move your audience (whether it's one person or a thousand) to take IMMEDIATE action
  • How to crush every speaking engagement and have your audience on the edge of their seats the entire time you're speaking
  • How to Make More Money telling stories which SELL, not just TELL
  • And much, much more...
THURSDAY, September 6 @ 5p CST, 6p EST, 5p PST, 10p GMT
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Willie Diefenbach-Jones

“Tom, thank you so much for pushing me to tell my story, a story I haven’t been comfortable telling people before. I could tell I was connecting immediately with the audience when they put their mobile phones away and never stopped looking at me. 

 I made such connection with the audience from the Signature Story we worked on. It was hard to do but I’m so glad I did it! Not only did I have a great connection with the audience but I was also able to get 2 more speaking gigs as well as several new clients.. .even though I wasn’t able to sell from the stage!”

Willie Diefenbach-Jones
Send Out Cards Distributor

Andreya Tornes, Fitness Professional

“Tom did an excellent job of taking a story of mine in making into an amazing speech. He was able to help me with the outline and give me an excellent opening statement. He then got into the details of what would grab the audience's attention. He coached me all the way through until I felt confident that my speech would be awesome. I would recommend Tom to help with anyone who is interested in crafting an amazing motivational or professional speech”

Andreya Tornes

Jessica and Chris Page

“We worked with Tom on our sales presentations and it was absolutely amazing. When you do something over and over again you lose sight of what can be improved. Tom reviewed our sales presentation, shortened it and made it much more impactful and helped us on the delivery of the presentation as well. 

 I didn’t realize how important 'HOW you say it’ is! We were so focused on WHAT we were saying. We had a pretty good closing rate of 65% before working with Tom, but after our close rate shot up to 85%, which is huge for our business. If you want to help more people and make more sales, Tom is the guy to work with.”

Jessica and Chris Page
S3 Supplement Success Systems

Fatimat Yusuf-Olukoju

"For the past few years I have been wanting to share my story to inspired people but I was afraid to talk about myself, concern that I will be all over the place and not get to the point. It is my life story. Yet i was ashamed to talk about it. 

Tom helped me focus and gain per­spec­tive
Tom is awesome! He worked with me and helped craft my childhood Story.
I broke down few times in the process but he was very kind and patient with me. He was right there from the start to the end and held me accountable for my homework. 

Tom is a real trea­sure. He care­fully crafts words with sen­si­tiv­ity and cre­ativ­ity. He is pro­fes­sional, extremely com­pe­tent and a joy to work with. It would be a mis­take to work with any­one else with­out giv­ing Tom a look first.   I rec­om­mend him with­out ques­tion.
Thanks for your help in get­ting my childhood story out there to help inspired other people! I got standing ovation, high and powerful positive emotion in the room when I was speaking and more organizations are now reaching out to me to come speak to them!

Fatimat Yusuf-Olukoju
1996 Atlanta Olympic Silver Medalist
THURSDAY, September 6 @ 5p CST, 6p EST, 5p PST, 10p GMT
Time left until webinar starts…
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